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WaPAC is a group of experientially credentialed professionals who provide a unique level of understanding and engagement with those impacted by behavioral health.  We believe in the integration of Peer workers at all levels within the systems of care.

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 WaPAC’s mission is to advance, recognize, engage, and integrate peer support in our places of residence, work environments, communities, and state.

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Peer Support is a powerful tool.  A Peer’s life experience sends a powerful message of hope that extends past the clinical reach of treatment.


 Peer Specialists are empathetic, connecting through mutuality.  Individuals benefiting from Peer Support are empowered through a genuine and mutual sharing atmosphere.  Many who have received Peer Support feel a passion to support others as they have been supported.

As Peer Support has grown in Washington State, Peer Support professionals have desired to connect and network.  It is our hope that WaPAC can be a tool for connecting, sharing resources, and advocating for Peer-Run services and supports.

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"The success is collaboration. The collaboration between Peers, the collaboration between Peer Specialists, and the collaboration between organizations in the area" - Diana Porter